Health care — including coronavirus care and testing — should be affordable for all Californians.

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COVID-19 coverage for all Californians

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or think you were exposed to it, testing is free for you. In all other circumstances, you may have a co-pay.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans provide free COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody tests. For the uninsured, the government pays for all necessary COVID-19 testing and care.

If you don’t have or recently lost health care coverage, you can get covered. See the Health Care Coverage Options Factsheet to find out how.

Local community health centers are also available for the uninsured. These centers provide comprehensive primary and preventive services for underserved and vulnerable populations.

Pandemic crisis care in hospitals

California is experiencing a huge surge in COVID-19 cases. This strains staffing and other hospital resources. CDPH has outlined steps hospitals can take to prepare. Read more in the California Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines.

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