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Tracking COVID-19 in CA

3,614,112 total
2,763 today
5 new cases per 100K
59,690 total
103 today
0.1 new deaths per 100K
57,481,126 total
252,314 today
1.6% test positivity
Vaccines Administered
25,188,138 total
Details about this data are available in the state dashboard.

Recent updates

California aims to fully reopen June 15

The move forward comes as the state has reached 20 million vaccinations, including 4 million in its hardest-hit communities. Masking and vaccinations will continue. Hospitalization rates must stay low and vaccination availability high for the state to fully reopen.

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Vaccinations opening for all Californians aged 50 and up April 1st, and 16 and up April 15th

The state is expanding who is eligible to get the vaccine based on expected supply increases. It will still take months to get every Californian vaccinated who wants to be, but millions are being vaccinated each week.

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COVID-19 vaccinations in California reach 15 million

The total number of COVID-19 vaccinations administered in California has reached 15 million. See vaccination statistics statewide and broken down by county in our Vaccine Dashboard.

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