California has collected a wide range of data to inform its response to COVID-19. The State has also developed tools to help process and analyze that data. These are made available to everyone to use.

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Data models

The California COVID-19 Assessment Tool (CalCat) is a model to inform state and local response. You can find nowcasts, forecasts, and scenarios:

Data dashboards

Statewide case statistics and demographics 

This includes positive cases, deaths, and testing results.

Statewide dashboard on Tableau

Case, death, and test source data and data dictionary on Open Data Portal

Probable case data on Open Data Portal

The impact on hospitals in the state of California

This includes suspected and positive hospitalized patients by county, including ICU patients.

Hospital dashboard on Tableau

Hospital source data and data dictionary on Open Data Portal

Wastewater tracking

Select sewersheds track the level of COVID-19 detected in wastewater. This can provide early warning of cases spikes.

Wastewater dashboard at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

COVID-19 outbreaks 

This dataset contains statewide numbers of COVID-19 outbreaks and cases, organized by setting, reported to CDPH since January 1, 2021.

COVID-19 outbreak source data and data dictionary on Open Data Portal

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supply

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) distributed by California Governor’s Logistics Task Force. PPE products include N-95 respirators, masks, gowns, face shields and gloves.

PPE supply dashboard on Tableau

PPE supply source data on Open Data Portal

PPE distribution data dictionary

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) fulfilled by California Office of Emergency Services.

VariableFormatDescriptionUpdate frequency
COUNTYStringCounty requesting the productDaily
PRODUCT FAMILYStringSummary level category of the productDaily
QUANTITY FILLEDNumericQuantity of product sent to a warehouse/agency for fulfillmentDaily
NumericZip where the facility is located that is receiving the shipped product.Never

The impact on people facing homelessness

The impact of Project Roomkey and other measures to help Californians facing homelessness. This includes room requests, rooms occupied, and trailer distribution.

Homeless dashboard on Tableau

Homelessness source data on Open Data Portal

Homeless impact data dictionary

VariableFormatDescriptionUpdate frequency
DATEDateReporting dateDaily
ROOMSNumberThe point in time number of hotel/motel rooms a community has secured for individuals facing homelessness in need of isolation. These rooms are secured through an agreement or other type of arrangement with a Hotel/Motel ownerDaily
ROOMS OCCUPIEDNumberThe point in time number of rooms secured in which a Project Roomkey participant has moved intoDaily
TRAILER REQUESTEDNumberTotal number of Project Roomkey trailers the community has formally submitted a request for or has been designated to receive
TRAILERS DELIVEREDNumberThe total number of Project Roomkey trailers the community has received from the state (to be delivered and counted the community must also have necessary trailer supports in place)
DONATED TRAILERS DELIVEREDNumberTotal number of donated Project Roomkey trailers delivered statewide


You can access the COVID-19 database in two ways:

  1. Access the database directly in SQL format at

    Snowflake Data Marketplace

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  2. Access the data through the

    California Open Data Portal

Source data and dictionaries

The California Open Data Portal hosts the source data and dictionaries used for all the charts on this website. This includes:

Contact for questions

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