We track COVID-19 variants in California to control the spread of the disease.

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Variants in California

California genetically sequences a sample of positive COVID-19 tests to determine their variant. Knowing what variants are circulating in California informs public health and clinical action.

This chart shows the sample of sequenced positive tests where the variant was identified. Sequencing can only be done at specialized labs. It generally occurs several days or more after a test is identified as positive for COVID-19. Not all positive COVID-19 tests are genetically sequenced.

  • % of sequenced
  • Variant data is updated weekly. The chart has data on specimens collected through {CHART_LAST_DATE} and was updated on {CHART_PUBLISH_DATE}. The California Department of Public Health has more information and data about variants.
  • Week ending
  • Pending
  • Data incomplete for recent dates
  • All time
  • 6 months
  • 90 days

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