Many of California’s public outdoor spaces and campgrounds may now open in certain counties with COVID-19 safety modifications. Follow the State’s stay home order by staying in your own community for recreation. Take part in outdoor activities only with members of your household.

Check the status of outdoor spaces managed by your county or city before you leave your home. Visitors are advised to bring soap for handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers for when water is not available.

Visit the websites below to find an open space near you:

California State Parks and Beaches: Some state parks, beaches and campgrounds are open. Make sure you check the status of parks in your area before you leave your home. Visitors are required to follow new guidelines to visit parks, beaches and campgrounds safely.  

Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) Ecological Reserves and Wildlife Areas: Most fish and wildlife areas are open to the public. High- traffic public use areas, such as visitor centers and license counters, are closed.

State Forests: Several campgrounds and day-use recreation areas are open. Make sure you check the status of campgrounds and day-use areas in your area before you leave your home. The public should maintain 6 feet of physical distance from those not in your household and pack out trash when possible.

Baldwin Hills Conservancy Parks in LA: The Baldwin Hills Parklands in the LA area are open to the public.

Department of Water Resources (DWR) Public Recreation Facilities: Access to most lakes and reservoirs are open. Check the list of open local recreation areas before you leave home.

San Joaquin River Conservancy’s River Parkway: This conservation and recreation corridor in the Fresno area is open to the public.

Tahoe Conservancy Public Lands: Recreation areas are open. Visitors should follow important guidelines to visit these areas safely.

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Parks and Trails: These are open to the public. Visitors are required to wear a face mask and maintain 6 feet of physical distancing. All park buildings, except for public restrooms, are closed.