The federal Emergency Broadband Benefit can help you pay for your broadband internet costs.

What is it?

  • $50 a month off your broadband internet bill
  • $75 a month if you live on Tribal lands
  • $100 discount towards the purchase of a laptop or tablet

Are you eligible?

You are eligible if someone in your household:

  • Gets Medi-Cal
  • Gets EBT (CalFresh or CalWORKS) benefits
  • Gets Tribal TANF or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations benefits
  • Lost a job or was furloughed
    • And your income is below $99,000 if filing taxes individually or $198,000 if filing jointly
  • Gets lunch through the free and reduced-price school lunch program this year or last year
  • Got a Pell Grant this year
  • Qualifies for Lifeline phone benefits
  • Qualifies for an internet provider’s existing low-income (or COVID-19) broadband program
  • Has an income of less than $12,880 for a family of 1 and up to $44,660 for a family of 8.

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How long will this program last?

This is a temporary program, and should end sometime later this year.

Before the program ends:

  • Your internet provider will tell you it is ending
  • Your internet provider will provide options for other low-cost broadband programs, if they are available
  • Your service will end unless you tell your broadband provider that you want to continue paying for a plan without the discount

How do you sign up?

There is a list broadband providers that are participating. See the list of broadband providers offering discounts in your city. Click here.

After you decide which broadband provider you want to choose, you can apply. You can sign up for the program directly with some providers.

Other providers will ask you to sign-up using a form provided the federal government. See the application form provided by the federal government. Click here.

How do you find more information?

The federal government has also published a lot of information about the Emergency Broadband Benefit. Here is their list of commonly asked questions.

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We want to hear from you about your experience

The emergency broadband benefit is a federal program, but we want to understand Californians’ needs and experiences to improve what support the state provides.

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