As part of the administration’s commitment to transparency, this page provides the public with access to contracts valued at over $250,000 that have been entered into as part of the state’s response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this page is to allow Californians to monitor state spending and know where their tax dollars are going.

This page will be updated frequently as additional contracts become available and is meant to include significant high-value contracts that may be of interest to the public. It is not meant to be a full accounting of ALL state expenditures. For more detailed information on state spending, you are encouraged to visit California’s financial transparency portal Open FI$Cal which displays data from the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal).





The administration is working diligently to ensure content on this website is fully accessible to all Californians. Cal OES is currently undergoing remediation of all of the documents on this page. In the interim, if any assistance is required in accessing the documents available on this page, please contact: